Tiwanaku ruins

We got to La Paz in western Bolívia and as soon we found a hostel, we got a microbus in the barrio Cementerio.

The very small vehicle filled with dozens of people headed to the town of Tiwanaku in the heart of the Andean Altiplano.

One hour journey from the Bolivian capital to the small village, we found a huge archeological site when got there.

Those ruins are a large complex of temples with unique aspects in the architecture such as canals, tombs and monolyths.

They mark the center of a long gone civilization. The Tiwanaku people lived during the Middle Horizon period and they were (along with the Huari) the most influencial andean civilization before the Incas.

Their mummies have an alien shapped head: an elongated skull produced by techniques applied during early infancy.

The portal del Sol, located in the main building, is the most famous tiwanacota monument for it represents art, architecture and belief in just one huge carved rock.

That's definately a place one should visit in Bolivia.

In the next post we will describe our journey into the Titicaca lake and the isla del sol trekking with ruins and fossils.

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