Our arrival in Bolivia: Santa Cruz de la Sierra

We arrived in Santa Cruz in the morning of July 17th.

Our Goal at that moment was to visit the "Museo de História Natural Noel Kempff" and to meet the veteran Bolivian paleontologist, Professor Mário Suarez Riglos.

Prof Mário showed us the vast fossil collection of that institute. Our major interest was the rare dinosaur bones, of course. There are so many fragments and yet one cannot describe precisely a new species.

There was also one of the largest trilobite collections in the globe, the biggest of South America, which the Professor showed us so proudly.

However, one thing is sad about the Bolivian Paleontology. Professor Mário is the only scientist in the field in his country. Bolivia desperately cares more people to work in this area.

We left Santa Cruz in the afternoon to continue our journey to Sucre, where we found the largest vertical dinosaur tracksites in the world.

Well, we will return to Santa Cruz in the beginning of August and we will have a surprise!

Professor Mário Suarez Riglos and Aline Ghilardi. Santa Cruz de La Sierra, 2012.

Tito Aureliano

Author & Editor

Professora, Doutora e apaixonada por Paleontologia, me dedico, além das pesquisas, à divulgar ciência para o público geral.